Welcome to my blog.

Through beginning to write a journal, I found comfort in writing. A private space to express how I was feeling, a space to challenge negative thoughts and a space to intentionally work on creating positive thoughts. I am still discovering more about myself that I did not think possible. Something really weird started happening through my journaling experience. I started to feel different. I can’t describe it in any other way than…

I started to like ME!

I am not going to make that settle into your minds as a ‘sugar coated’ experience because there were also times that I was petrified to see me on paper, written, and read me on paper. That took some adjusting to. But through long walks, meditation, continuous reading and perseverance in facing my demons, I cracked the code in liking myself.

Now that I am enjoying the comfort and acceptance in who I am, it is enabling me to continue my journey in learning about all things Marcella.

Close friends have different views, pet names and nice things to say about me that I probaly would not word in their order…

Strong, A Rebel , Inspector Salt, Super Mum, Super Woman, Empathetic, Busy, The Nutty One, Kind, Thoughtful, Spiritual, Motivating, Wants Everybody To Win etc. One thing I can say to all of those labels is…

I am all of these things as a result of overcoming struggles and always trying to seek joy. Fully embracing the hope in believing a better day will come.

I created this space to be all the labels my close ones refer to me as and to pen my truths authentically and unapologetically. As a Black woman living in Britain, I am re-claiming my voice through writing because being silent has caused me too much distress and was blocking my healing. I shall no longer be silent in the face of the struggles that I and many other Black Women have experienced and continue to experience. I want to stand with my sistahs who are doing great things to leave blueprints for the future generations of Black Girls and Women. I want to share my truths in the hope that it helps even just one woman know that they are not alone and better days are going to come.

Marcella Pens